samedi 17 décembre 2011

Doll Clinic - Assemblying a BJD

How to assembly a BJD ?

First, prepare the operating room :
• clean table (no mess)
• terry towel (small or large folded in half),
• an assistant
• all tools cited in previous articles :
       • Kocher forceps
       • chopsticks without paint
       • ribbons
       • scissors
       • Tweezers
       • new elastics if necessary
       • pencil paper

After a session of relaxation and / or yoga, go to assembly.
You should not get excited at this stage ...

How to proceed ?

Step 1

The size of shoulders' hole (big or small) determines the first step.

If the hole is small, start with the arms (stage A). If it's large, starting with the legs (stage B).

If the elastic strings are old or soft, take exactly the same strings ►

Do not cut immediately the same length of elastic, tie a knot not too tight and keep all the lenght.

Step A - Assembling the arms

◄ Fold the elastic in two identical parts, with node in the middle

Pass the elastic in the shoulder holes. If the node is too big, take the loops
in the holes using
chest's hole ►

◄ Make two identical loops

Pose the Kocher clamp
on one loop, closest
to the resin

Thread the ribbon and the parts in order, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. Same for the other side without removing the clamp Kocher.

Remove the clamp and the ribbons when finished  ►

Check the tension by moving the arms.

If it's too tight or too loose, remove the arms, undo the knot and move it so

Step B - Assembling the legs

◄ Make two identical loops

Insert the support system of the head, just before putting a Kocher clamp

◄ Block the elastics before passing them together in the neck hole


Take a piece of ribbon on each loop, then pass the two loops in the chest. Separate them before entering the pelvis►

 ◄ ► Then thread the pieces in order: thigh, knee joint, calf

 ◄ Pose a Kocher clamp and remove the ribbon

Hook the foot, gently undo the clamp and accompany foot to its place

Check the tension by moving the legs.
If it's too tight or too loose, remove the legs, undo the knot and move it so

Step 2

Place the hook of the head in the loop of elastic and make sure it is good.
• Remove the clamp Kocher gently while pulling the hook.
Place the hook in the head.
Check one last time the tension of the legs. If necessary, repeat step B.
The assembly is complete once satisfied of the general tension of the doll.

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