mercredi 20 avril 2011

Doll Clinic - Tools part VII

VII - Various forceps

There is always need additional forcepsin the reassembly of a doll.
They are shown in the photo further down the page.
It was not easy to identify, given the large number of forceps used in the medical world.
At the top :
tissue forcep without teeth;
On the down :
Adson tissue forceps 1x2 teeth;
On the right :
medline Backhaus towel clamps.

What use in the world of dolls ?

The large tissue forceps allows me to catch my ribbon or elastic when I struggle to move them inside a piece's hole.
The Adson's forceps has for me almost the same utility as the one above.
As to the last, I didn't found yet a task for this forceps, given its specificity.

Where to find ?

Ebay : prices can be attractive but shipping cost is high;
e-stores specialized in medical equipment : the prices are attractive, be sure that they sell to everyone and know shipping cost;
Garage sale : low price but you must love rummage;
Friend in the medical world (medicine university, biology, nurse ...)
• Medical supplies s
tore : there is necessarily one next to you.

Pictures ?

Next article :

Overview of the tools

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