dimanche 17 avril 2011

Doll Clinic - Tools part V

V - Scissors, elastic hanger, 15 cm (6") needle

Besides the equipment already mentioned, I also am using scissors, chopsticks and a big needle.

What use in the world of dolls ?

My scissors are medical scissors (strong and sharp), any other pair of scissors can be used for cut an elastic.
The elastic hanger are simple chopsticks, unpainted (the paint can stain the resin). I put a chopstick in a loop of elastic, getting out of the arm / leg.
Like this, I have a free hand to place the hook.
The big needle is for sewing mattress. I use it to lead the ribbon and the elastic through the small pieces of a tiny doll.

Where to find ?

A pair of scissors : almost anywhere;

Chopsticks : mine are disposable,most of chinese restaurant offer a pair for lunch;

The needle for mattress as haberdashery (notions store), for less than 3 for 2 needles.

Photos ?

Next Article :

VI - Bent nose pliers and
cutting pliers

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