vendredi 15 avril 2011

Doll Clinic - Tools part IV

IV - String pullers and helpers

It'a a really helpfull thing because elastics must be stretched a minimum.
In fact, if your elastic is longer or softer, all the pieces are disjointed, it's not good !
The elastic string puller can be a rigid rod sold in some companies, a strong rope, a steel wire or a long ribbon.

What use in the world of dolls ?

Without elastic string puller, I wish you good luck for assembly your doll.

Where to find ?

• Elastic string puller is sold in some companies;
• Rope for roast, really strong but it hurts your hands;
• Steel wire in hardware store or crafts store;
• Ribbon in haberdashery (notions store) or in your sweatshirt.

Pictures ? 

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V - Scissors, elastic hangers and needle for dolls

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