mercredi 13 avril 2011

Doll Clinic - Tools part III

 III - Hooks

In 98% of cases, there are 5 in a doll :
• 1 big hook in the head for holding legs' elastics;
• 2 medium (or small) hooks inside the wrists for holding arms' elastic and the hands;
• 2 medium inside the ankles for holding legs' elastics and the feet;
• on some models like Fairyland's Littlefees, there's a hook for holding the upper and lower parts of the body, inside the hips.

What use in the world of dolls  ?

Only a function of holding elastics.

Where to find ?

• Some companies (Souldoll, Iple House...) offer one elastic when you buy a doll;
• On many companies' websites, in Tools category;

In hardware store, the hooks are too big for dolls.

Photos ? 

Did you find them on the picture ?

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IV - Elastic pullers and helpers

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