vendredi 8 avril 2011

Doll Clinic - Tools part I

I - Forceps

It's known as Kocher's forceps or haemostatic forceps.

The inventor of this clip is Dr. Eugène Koeberlé (french wiki page).
It is stainless steel, very solid.
It may have teeth or not, straight or curved, different sizes ... according to its use in the medical field.


What use in the world of dolls ?

I use it to stop elastic strings when I assembly/disassembly a BJD.
I haven't found yet an other more practical tool.

Where to find ?

Ebay : prices can be attractive but shipping cost is high;
e-stores specialized in medical equipment : the prices are attractive, be sure that they sell to everyone and know shipping cost;
garage sale : low price but you must love rummage;
Friend in the medical world (medicine university, biology, nurse ...)
medical supplies s
tore : there is necessarily one next to you.

Pictures ?

Next article :

II - Elastic strings

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