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Doll Clinic - Disassemblying a BJD

How to disassembly a BJD ?

First, prepare the operating room :
• clean table (no mess)
• terry towel (small or large folded in half),
• an assistant
• all tools cited in previous articles :
       • Kocher forceps
       • chopsticks without paint
       • ribbons
       • scissors
       • Tweezers
       • new elastics if necessary
       • pencil paper

How to proceed ?

Step 1

The volunteer
Minifee Body

◄ On a towel, undress the doll

Lay down the doll and 
remove the wig.
Observe the locations of the different joint pieces ►

Inside the head
Unlock the system

◄ Remove the headback and observe the system retaining the elastic (ring, large hook...).
If need, take notes to put it properly in place once the assembly is complete

Remove the head and put it in a safe place to avoid the risk of falling down ►

Step 2

Pull on the foot
The hook is sculpted in the resin

◄ While holding the calf, knee and thigh with one hand, pull horizontally on a foot...

...and remove gently the elastic from the hook ►

The leg is composed of 7 pieces

◄ Lay the pieces next to the doll.
Repeat with the other foot.

"R" for Right
"L" for Left
 ◄ ►Check for distinguishing between left and right ("L", "R", a point on all parts of one side ...). If necessary, make a small discreet sign with the pencil paper

Legs' elastics
Attach system

◄ Remove the elastics from the torso and the hook

The attach system of elastic is composed of 3 parts : top, a piece with hooks in the middle part pivoting on the neck and bottom, pearl resin protecting all ►

Step 3

Wrist magnet
Hook and wrist

◄ Place the torso facing you and repeat the same operations as for the legs

 While holding the arm, elbow and  forearm in one hand, pull horizontally
 on one hand and remove gently the elastic
from the hook

"L" for Left
"R" for Right

◄ ►Check for distinguishing between left and right

The node is in the torso

◄ Remove the elastic from the torso

Step 4

• If necessary, clean the doll.
• In a little warm water and soap, rub the various parts with the fingers.
• Rinse and dry with a towel, putting the pieces in their proper place.
• If a stain resists, wipe it gently with a magic sponge.

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